For easy donation, click here:

  • $10 gets you an adjustable wrench
  • $50 solar shower bags
  • $100 a bike rack for 18 bikes
  • “other” undisclosed amount of glitter

If you have any questions about how your donation is being used, we’re ecstatic for full transparency so please shoot us an email (Gleam at Huntress at ) and we’ll happily provide more information!

Calling all Honeys, those who support Honeys, and those who just feel the b(u)zzzz:

Now in its ninth year (!), Milk + Honey continues to:

  • expand its Shabbat service and meal,
  • welcome enthusiastic new members,
  • grow its presence on and off the playa,
  • create a community that is physically, spiritually, and emotionally sustaining.

As we have grown, so too have our needs and capacity to provide to others. And while we rejoice in the non-monetary world that is Burning Man on the Playa — the labor, skills, envisionings, and incredible talent embodied by camp — we also rely on the transactional abilities of good old hard cash (or its virtual forms)!

Generally camp dues provide the backbone of sustainable spending. These cover the costs for:

  • kitchen,
  • infrastructure,
  • transportation,
  • storage fees,
  • equipment rental,
  • water, and
  • all the other often invisible and perhaps less sexy requirements of sustaining 75 amazing Honey Moos Moos every year.

Given the incredible labor, time, and talents of our do-cratic crew, we think we do an amazing job of providing both for ourselves and for others for this transcendent desert experience.

But we want to make it better! Ever better, ever more inclusive, creative, expressive, and accessible. So we’re asking, with gratitude for all you have already given and continue to give, that if you have the monetary resources please consider giving in this so normative way so that we can fund some needed projects, improvements, and dreams. While directed donations will have to be a future endeavor, all that you give will go to a series of projects, some in process, some awaiting funding that we hope will make camp an exciting and comfortable home for all of us.

Here is what we cooked up for 2016:

  • Shabbat Seating: We fabricated honeycombed, specially designed benches that increase our service seating potential by over 200. More people, more praying, more love. This also allows us to seat all 400+ people together for our communal, bucolic meal shared under the stars, which we’re sure are there behind all the dust and wind.
  • Showers: In the wild windstorms of 2015 our showers were cracked beyond repair and had to be fiercely demolished. This was done. Now we have designed bigger, more beautiful showers with an enclosed space to apply emollients and stand somewhat removed from the dust. They’re gonna be great and last much longer than their predecessors, please invest in this upgrade. .
  • Bike Racks: For years we relied on an ingenious but eventually deeply weary system of PVC piping. We’re taking a lesson from the knowledgeable folks at Center Camp and constructing Black Rock City bike racks which will solidly hold all of our furred, El-wired, duct taped and trusty steeds. We need your help to build this easier, more permanent solution.
  • Trash Depot: Like we’ve said. Sexy sexy improvements, we don’t discriminate. Even our lovingly separated trash is getting a much needed update.
  • Altar Space: Now we can have spirituality in our own sanctuary. While the Temple this year looks to be majestic, we’re going to have permanent altar spaces in our dome and stock the space with supplies to support rest, contemplation, and serenity whenever you need a break from the Playa. Please give towards this sacred gift.
  • Low-Income Dues: We want camp to be accessible to all who feel the honey regardless of financial resources. While only a first step in a much larger plan, we are offering reduced 2016 camp dues tied to low-income tickets so that all those who want to be part of Camp and the Burn can.


And like we have long espoused, the rest goes to glitter….which is then painstakingly picked up at the end!