Milk + Honey is the cozy home of exuberant campers dedicated to cultivating and spreading peace within ourselves, within Black Rock City and ultimately in our home environments. Nourishing those who sleep in the dust, Milk + Honey’s mission is to draw on secular and spiritual traditions to create experiences where communities and individuals can grow, heal and express themselves creatively.


In 2016, we are at B and 6:45. That’s right, whoa. It’ll be awesome. Look for us there, or check your Who What Where for our exact location. Please come by for one of our great events (Shabbat, epic dance party, etc) or just say hello.


Camp Entrance

We’re really really friendly, but we also have a parade of flags, and a camp sign if you’re confused.


We have a 16′ tall, 32′ wide  enclosed dome which is open to all residents of Black Rock City for lounging, massaging, rejuvenation, rest, prayer and meditation. This year it will also have altar space for the week for Honey Moo Moos. It’s also a good spot to sit in the nest and watch sunrise…and late night stragglers.

Shade Structure

We have two shade structures: an 80′ by 60′ sleeping shade space for our ‘residents’ and a 40′ by 36′ ‘living room’ complete with rugs, couches, and sleeping Honeys and wanderers. Every year we create more shade in the desert, square footage = oasis.

Kitchen & Food Prep Area

We have a fully operational kitchen churning out two delicious meals everyday. Vegetarian, vegan, meat-lovers, dairy-skeptics, sugar-snobs, wheat-warriors and gluten-free gods and goddesses can all be accommodated happily. With refrigerators, freezers, lots of RUNA, and mandatory shifts, the kitchen, like the Playa, provides. It even produces the platters that feed the 400+ Shabbat meal in accordance with all Nevada Food and Safety regulations–in addition to your goggles, bring your sexiest plastic cap and most elegant latex gloves!

The Cuddle Cave

Brought to the Playa in 2013 for the first time, this project, spearheaded by our resident expert in all things soft, cuddly, and sparkly converts the functional-yet-not-classically-comfortable space of a U-Haul truck into a space so inviting that it was full every evening. Think mountains of pillows on top of mattresses and twinkling strings of lights.

The Boudoir

The rusty 53′ storage container becomes a place of beauty and transformation. Open to all camp members and new friends, the boudoir holds communal costumes, make-up, and all other forms of bedazzlement and bedecking needed to look one’s most glorious on-playa. The container is emptied of our infrastructure and then filled with racks, chandeliers, and mirrors so that everyone has the materials needed to express themselves. Also we have the best face painters ever to reveal our  our internal masks at their most sparkly.

Solar Showers & Grey Water

Last year we became the proud owners of a 2kW solar panel array which electrifies camp with energy to spare. In addition to powering the all important sound system, this renewable source allows us to be ever more sustainable and leave the playa only with our exuberance and not petroleum. Hopefully future years will have evaporation systems but in the meantime all grey water is pumped out from a 250g holding tank and we have centralized water tank containing enough drinking, showering, and kitchen water for ALL Honeys this year. We are very excited. Additionally for 2016 we have a new shower space with billowing curtains and a self-care area to be dust free…for at least five minutes.

Bike Racks

Yup, we’ve got ’em. We even have a bike lottery with 40+ bikes so that you don’t need to bring your own but can rent one of ours, fully lubed and mostly working, for the week!